Student Leadership Opportunities

Student Leadership Opportunities at Castle Rock

Team Captains (Year 9)

Team captains are democratically elected by our students. Each prospective Team Captain has to create a campaign to promote themselves for captaincy and present their ideas to their whole team regarding why they think they would be a good Captain.

Students who wish to become Team Captains should show good leadership qualities and be prepared to be a role model for all students in the school. Team Captains are a port of call for students to air their opinions to. They are differentiated by their different coloured ties which are given as a gift of their success in gaining the position. Team Captains meet regularly with their Team Leader.

Arts Captains (All years)

Arts Captains are democratically elected by students. Each prospective Arts Captain has to create a campaign to promote themselves for captaincy and present their ideas to the Creative Arts staff regarding why they think they would be a good Captain.

The primary role of the Arts Captains is to encourage student participation in creativity within school and the wider community. They will be in charge of certain aspects within the organisation of the Creative Arts extra-curricular clubs and performances.

The Creative Arts Company (All years)

The Creative Arts Company is a voluntary group of students who wish to celebrate all aspects of creativity at Castle Rock. They endeavour to support our students’ learning and progress and provide opportunities for our students’ creativity to flourish through the organisation of creative events.

Sports Captains (Year 8 & 9)

The Sports Captains are chosen by the PE department and Team Leaders. The primary role of Sports Captains is to encourage student participation in sports, PE and team related events. To become a member of this group, students need to show an interest and aptitude for sport and the team system. The Team Leaders and PE department coordinates the Sports Captains and meets with them regularly.

Reading Buddy Mentors (All years)

Each week, mentor groups participate in a paired reading scheme during mentor time. Mentees with a high reading age are encouraged to visit other mentor groups within their team to offer their help and support to those who struggle with reading or just wish to read alongside somebody else.

Sports Leadership (Year 8 & 9)

Sports Leadership runs during year 8 and 9 and gives students the chance to complete their Level 1 in Sports Leadership. This initiative is led by the School Sports Partnership and enables students to help run various sporting events, in and out of school. Sports Leaders often give up their own time (after school), to help run events for local primary school students.

Student Voice (All years)

Student Voice aims to meet the British Values of;

  • Democracy
  • The Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual Respect
  • Respect and Tolerance of Those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

How it Works

  • Our Student Council is made up of 8 representatives – our Team Captains.
  • The Team Captains who make up the Council are democratically elected by their respective teams at the end of each school year, through campaigns and presentations that they themselves have to run.
  • The Team Captains are responsible for meeting with their Team members to discuss current school issues. This could be via assemblies, drop ins or messages on the school bulletin.
  • The representative Captains from each team then meet regularly with members of SLT to discuss current school matters and changes that students would like to implement.
  • Student Council members have their own portfolio to keep meeting notes and ideas in.

When do Student Voice meet?

  • The Student Council meets with SLT members every review period to discuss issues raised. They then discuss Student Voice ideas with their Vice Captains who work together to involve the rest of the student population.

Student Council 2016-17

  • Wembley – Holly Wiles & Joe Reeves
  • Twickenham – Ben Crutchley & Alyssa Harris
  • Lords – Caitlyn Johnson & Leo Watson
  • Wimbledon – Finley Gillespie & Molly Hall

Head Teacher Breakfast Meetings (All years)

Students meet each review period with the head teacher to view their opinions on current matters within the school community. Students are picked at random from all year groups.

Head of Department/SLT Student Voice Meetings (All years)

Students meet with the Heads of Department and SLT members every two review periods to discuss and voice their opinions on their subject areas in relation to staff, lessons and behaviour. Students are picked at random from all year groups.

Prom Committee (Year 9)

The prom committee is made up of students who have volunteered to work together to organise the prom for year 9 students. Students are involved in selling tickets, promoting the event, organising catering and setting up the event. They meet regularly with SLT towards the end of the school year.