The idea behind ‘Stretch and Challenge’ is to provide opportunities for all students to fulfil their potential by partaking in extra-curricular study, focusing on topics taught in curriculum time in order for students to achieve greater breadth and depth of these topics, therefore expanding students’ knowledge in each subject area.

This section of the website offers all students the opportunity to hone and craft their subject specific skills and further develop their knowledge and understanding. This is turn will make the students better historians, scientists, linguists and so on.

We need to harness the talents of the students so that they can become the next generation of business, intellectual and political leaders. Each subject area has provided bespoke tasks, challenges and activities to engage and inspire the students. Please encourage your child to explore these opportunities and join us in celebrating their efforts when they participate in and complete stretch and challenge activities.

Once stretch and challenge activities have been completed we are inviting the students to actively get involved with the celebration of their achievement by doing one of the following:

  • Y9 students are welcome to celebrate and showcase their efforts on Twitter using the hashtag #apollostudyforsuccess. Simply take a photograph of the work and Tweet about it making sure you include the hashtag.
  • Y7 and Y8 students are invited to bring their completed stretch and challenge activities to school for Mrs Magee to help you showcase on the school’s Twitter page. This option is also available for Y9 students who don’t use Twitter.
  • In the summer term there will be a showcase of all the stretch and challenge efforts from the students to celebrate this great work!

    Keep checking the stretch and challenge zone as there will be regular updates of new activities added later in the year! Enjoy challenging yourselves!