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Food Studies Recipes

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Home Learning

A guide for parents, regarding the school’s Remote Learning Provision can be found by following the link below:
Remote Education Provision – Information for Parents

Home learning for all years is now set via the Microsoft Teams platform.
To access this platform students need to know their login details for 365 Microsoft Office. Usernames begin with the year they started secondary education (Year 7), their initial, surname, followed by @castlerocksch.uk  –  For example: 17jbloggs@castlerocksch.uk.
Their password is the same as the one they use to login to school computers.

Please see the “Using Microsoft Teams” section below, for more information and simple guides to familiarise yourself with Teams.
If you have questions regarding specific work, you can contact your teacher directly through Teams. If you have any other queries regarding home learning, please email homelearning@castlerocksch.uk and we will reply as soon as we can, and do our best to help.

Department for Education (DfE) Home Learning Devices for Students

The Government / Department for Education (DfE) has provided laptops to schools, to help children and families access remote education during lockdown.
If believe your child may be eligible to receive one of these devices, please contact the school. Please be aware that these loan devices are only being allocated to students who meet specific criteria.


As students spend more time online during lockdown or isolating at home, it is important for everybody to remind themselves of the importance of staying safe whilst using the internet. Visit our E-Safety page for links to valuable resources to help both students and parents / carers stay as safe as possible, online.

Using Microsoft Teams

  • Student and Parent Guide to Microsoft Teams – A brief video guide for students and parents using Microsoft Teams for remote learning.

With regards to the work being set, teachers are following the curriculum that they would be covering in school. Please note some subjects will be carrying out revision ahead of external exams or the next round of mock exams, whilst other subjects will be setting new learning. Lessons are tailored to best meet the needs of the subject and students and will include a combination of teaching and learning strategies / tasks, such as narrated power points, work booklets, reading activities, learning videos, GCSEpod assignments and worksheets to complete, to name only a few.

How to log into GCSEpod for the first time

An appropriate amount of home learning is being set to reflect the required number of subject hours that would be taught in school. Teachers are either setting work at the beginning of the week or in accordance with student timetables.

For some KS5 lessons, teachers might opt to deliver ‘live’ lessons during scheduled lessons. This is subject dependant. If this is the case, subject teachers will make contact with their class via Teams to provide instruction.

For any further enquiries, please email homelearning@castlerocksch.uk clearly stating the problem and the student name / year group.