Home Learning

Below are links to work for each year group, who are currently learning from home.

  • For Years 7 – 9, each link will open a timetable as a .pdf file, with links to home learning resources and online tasks for each subject. These lessons have been selected from the Oak National Academy which is a government approved site.
  • Home learning work for Years 10 – 13 can be accessed via OneDrive, which requires students to log in to their school Microsoft Office 365 account. To sign in to Office365, students’ email address will be their current user name followed by @castlerocksch.uk. The password will be the same as the one used to log onto computers at school.  (e.g. 16jbloggs@castlerocksch.uk)
  • Any completed work that needs to be handed in for marking should be shared with teachers from within OneDrive. There is a quick “Click, Copy, Share” guide below, however if you require a further guide on OneDrive and how it works, you can find a useful video here: Microsoft: What is OneDrive?

If you have any further questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact the school. 

September 24th – 6th October

 Year 11 Home Learning Assignments – Click Here to Open