Getting to School

Walking To School
We would like to remind parents that students are expected to walk to school sensibly on the paths, always use zebra crossings and not to walk on any roads, including those around the school site.

Cycling / Scooting To School
Please see your student manager and request a cycle permission form if you intend on cycling / scooting to school.
Without an authorised form students with be denied the use of their bike/scooter when travelling to and from school.

The Apollo Partnership Trust Schools recognise the many positive benefits of students cycling or scootering to and from school. We therefore look to encourage this form of travel behaviour in as many ways as possible.

Some of the benefits of cycling/scootering to school include:
• Improving health through physical activity.
• Establishing positive active travel behaviours.
• Promoting independence and improving safety awareness.
• Reducing congestion, noise and pollution in the community.
• Reducing environmental impact of the journey to school.

To encourage as many students to cycle/scooter to school as we can, the School will:
• Provide cycle/scooter storage on the school site.
To make cycling/scootering to and from school a positive experience for everybody concerned, we expect our students to:
• Ride sensibly and safely and to follow the Highway Code.
• Take responsibility for checking that their bicycle/scooter is roadworthy and regularly maintained.
• Behave in a manner which shows them and the school in the best possible light and to consider the needs of others when cycling/scootering.
• Consider seriously, wearing a cycle helmet.
• Ensure they can be seen by other road users, by using bicycle lights and wearing high-visibility clothing, as appropriate.
For the well-being of our students, we expect parents and carers to:
• Encourage their child to take up opportunities to develop their competence and confidence in cycling/scootering.
• Provide their child with the appropriate safety equipment such as high-visibility clothing, bicycle lights and cycle helmet as appropriate.
• Ensure that the cycles/scooters ridden to school are roadworthy and regularly maintained.

The decision as to whether a child is competent to cycle/scooter to and from school safely rests with the parents/carer and the school has no liability for any consequences of that decision. Parents are advised to take out appropriate insurance cover as the school’s insurance does not cover loss or damage to bicycles.


• The cycle/scooter storage area will be opened at 8:20am and closed at 9:00am in the morning, then opened again at 3.40pm until 5pm in the afternoon.
• Student’s requiring special access should go to the Main Office. (E.G. If late, or leaving school early for an appointment)
• All students should enter and exit the school via the appropriate routes.
• Cycling helmets and lights etc, should be secured in student’s lockers.
• Cycles/Scooters may not be ridden in the school bus park / car park areas, or inside the school’s inner fenced area.
• Students should not interfere with any cycles/scooters, or cycling / scootering equipment belonging to other students.

Students who do not adhere to these conditions will lose their permission to cycle/scooter to school for the rest of the academic year.

Dropping Off by Car

Parents may use the Bus Park to drop off and pick up their children, but we ask that they stay within the confines of the designated car lane and marked car parking bays (it is important for buses to have clear access to the Bus Park at all times and for the large volume of students to be able to use the bus lane to exit the grounds once buses are safely parked). Children should be picked up in the pickup area of the Bus Park not in the entrance and yellow cross-hatched areas, as this puts children at risk of walking out into oncoming traffic. Please keep speed limited to 5mph throughout the car park.

Do not stop in the entrance to the car park, or on the yellow cross-hatched areas.

The Bus Park

Students that use one of the School Bus services to get to Castle Rock are dropped off and picked up at the Bus Park, at the front of the school site.
This area is staffed at peak times to help ensure the safety of those using it. Members of staff will be visible around the site during the start and end of the school day, wearing yellow, high visibility jackets. 

Bus Travel

For more information and timetables for travelling to school by bus, please visit the Roberts Travel website 

Gritting Routes

During spells of adverse weather we will treat pathways and surfaces to facilitate safe passage into the school. The main routes that will be treated are shown on the Gritting Routes map, which can be downloaded below.