Community Links

Our school works collaboratively with the wider community to inspire our students and to provide a real context for our students’ learning.

Our community hub, ‘The Hive’ is used as a centre for lots of different community projects, which you will be updated about regularly via letter, social media and on our website.

We have a variety of curriculum links with the local community, as well as our feeder primary schools and upper schools.

The Creative Arts Faculty has many links within the community such as performing in a number of charity events and exhibiting art work in our local community. We have developed performances, exhibitions, competitions and fashion shows so that our students’ experiences are enriched and celebrated publicly. For example our ‘Little Mermaid’ production; performances at the Ashby Show and Coalville Arts Festival, to name a few, in order to encourage students to develop their skills in their creative way and celebrate with the wider community.

We have had a number of visitors and professionals to lead workshops in specialist areas and work with focus group students; our Enrichment opportunities have had a positive impact on student attainment. The Creative Arts Faculty celebrates all aspects of creativity at Castle Rock and supports our students’ learning and progress whilst boosting their self- confidence through also providing these additional extra-curricular opportunities facilitating for our students’ creativity to flourish.

Furthermore, our successful steel pan band regularly perform for various local community events to raise money for charity. Through our Music Maestros initiative, we also have links with ‘The Coalville Light Orchestra’ who rehearse with our Music Maestro orchestra every week. Parents, Carers and grandparents are also invited to join in to learn an instrument. The Coalville Light Orchestra is an amateur orchestra which meets Tuesday evenings (term time) and also throughout the school holidays in July and August (excluding Bank Holiday week) to play light classical music in a relaxed environment just for the pleasure of it. Unlike many amateur orchestras, it does not give public performances so its members can enjoy playing without the spotlights, an audience and intensive rehearsal schedules.

Rotary Club Young Chef Award.

Our students also have the opportunity to work with the local community through working with the Rotary Club where they take part in their various competitions, such as the ‘Rotary Young Chef’ award. We believe that Cooking amongst young people is a valuable life skill and these community links require our students to prepare and present a three course meal within a pre-set budget and time limit, which is judged by an expert panel. We also take part in their literary competitions.

In PE we have established Club links which enable our students and local coaches to work together in a number of ways. We also invite their coaches to come and deliver sessions after school and during lunch times through our formal Club Links established with North West Leicestershire School Sports Partnership; families of schools and local community clubs.

Club links include:

  • Ashby RFC
  • Coalville RFC
  • Coalville Swimming Club
  • Ashby Castle Lawn Tennis Club
  • Coalville Rangers Hockey Club
  • Coalville Town Hockey Club
  • Coalville Gymnastics
  • Heather St Johns Football Club
  • Broom Leys Cricket
  • Ibstock Town Cricket Club
  • North West Badminton Club
  • Measham Leisure Centre
  • Hood Park Leisure Centre
  • Hermitage Leisure Centre
  • Ashby Hasting Cricket Club
  • We are also proud to lead Forest Way and our feeder primary school students in inclusive and traditional sports sessions.

In addition to this, we have established links with Loughborough University which enables our students to develop their knowledge further and experience how they can work in sport. We also accommodate their PGCE students to enable them to complete phase A and B teacher training.

Additionally through Maths we offer Parent Support evenings every year to provide parents with effective ways to support their children’s learning at home. We also send out a weekly email to inform Parents about homework being set and provide links to relevant video clips to explain the learning each week.

We are also very proud of our UKMT teams which liaise closely with local schools to promote good practise on a regular basis.

Other links include: the ‘Leicestershire Education Business Company’ and the ‘Museum Learning Team’ where our students starred in an Education film about the ‘Dangerous Science of Mining’ and we look forward to sharing this educational resource with primary schools across the East Midlands next year.