Care, Guidance & Support

Outstanding Care, Guidance and Support underpins all that we do at The Castle Rock School.  We have well established systems and procedures that enable us to support the needs of our students.

Our dedicated tutors provide our students with those day-to-day moments of care, guidance and support. Tutors are the first port of call for parental queries regarding pastoral or academic matters.

Our Care and Guidance Department is supported by our School Counsellor: Mrs J Wilton –

A further layer of support is provided by our Mental Health Professional, who promotes positive mental health within our school and works closely with both parents and outside agencies.  Please see the Mental Health link for further details.

Student Managers

Our Student Managers are non-teaching professionals with a range of expertise, enabling them to offer specific interventions to our students. 

  • Year 7:    Mrs C Smith –
  • Year 8 :   Mrs C Parker –
  • Year 9:    Mr W Beech –
  • Year 10:  Mr R Elderton –
  • Year 11:  Mrs J Pallett –
  • Post 16:  Mrs M Lofthouse –