2021 GCSE / A-Level Certificates

2021 Leavers Certificates

I am pleased to inform you that the summer 2021 certificates for leavers of The Castle Rock School are now available to collect from the Bletchley reception.  To collect these follow the guidance below:

  • Certificates can be collected during term time between 8.30am and 4pm.
  • The ex-student must bring with them some form of ID. 
  • If your child chooses to nominate someone to collect their certificates on their behalf, the nominated person must bring with them a signed letter (signed by your child) giving permission to collect their certificates as well as some form of ID. 
  • Before leaving reception please check your envelope to ensure that all the certificates are enclosed and are correct. 
  • Ex-students/nominated persons must sign the signature sheet before they take certificates off the premises. 
  • Use the main carpark for parking. This is outside of the school gates.
  • When visiting the school, please wear a face mask. 


2021 certificates were delayed due to a delay with one of the main examination boards sending out their GCSE and A level certificates to the school.